Quails bird nest soup stew

Vietnam Bird’s Nest will introduce to you a dish made from extremely nutritious bird nests.

Bird’s Nest Uses:
Bird’s nest soup is the proven scientific expertise capable of stimulating growth and epidermal cells, helps repair damaged cells, restoring the muscle tissue and the skin – this is the key element the most beautiful skin in the process. Threonine with the nests are substances elastin and collagen formation prevent aging effects, maintain youthful skin, helps prolong focus lad for you.
Besides, bird nest contains only natural sugars galactose without fat, suitable for use every day without fear of weight gain. So, if eaten regularly Salanganes’Nest about 10 grams / day helps the skin less pimples, freckles removed, all traces and smooth natural beautiful rosy, especially repulsed aging process.


1. Prepare materials for Quails bird nest soup stew: – 1 quails. – 1 coconut. – Bird’s nest 10g – 1 ginger.

2. Pre-processing of raw materials:
– Coconut coconut buds pick, peel off the shell, keeping out water and rice in particular, remember to keep, not to leave.
– Choose the birds were so fat, remove the intestines clean.
– Bird’s nest soaked 30-35 minutes to hatch them.
– Small thin sliced ginger.
3. Processing:
– Cook 1 pot of delicious soups with coconut milk.
– Quails get washed drain, into the belly stuffed bird nests.
– Place the quails into the coconuts, pour broth flooded bird itself.
– Allow extra few slices of ginger 1.
– Put more into copra.
– Close the lid of the coconut.
Steamed for 3 hours is spent.
The the whole family should enjoy this dish while still hot for extra tasty, nutritious and good for health. So you have to fulfill his destiny to complement both the Quails bird nest soup stew, to have a meal the whole family to enjoy all weekend along the curved body of new dishes and this nutritious. Success for you!