Everyone knows bird nest nutritional foods is extremely valuable. Butbird nest  also need to eat the right way to do otherwise would not only swallow does not promote the effect that even a negative impact on the health of yourself and your family. Here are some errors in the way that people eat bird nest should know to avoid:

1. Eat Bird Nest …. bluff: ie eat whenever you want. This is an extremely serious mistake. Many people thought that, because it is very nutritious bird nests, eat as much as much as putting nutrients into the body so that the body will become stronger. Some elderly people in poor health or illness, want to boost your health and buy-in should have continuous use of bird nest. Consequently, the body can not digest well, irritability, abdominal distention and loss than several days can not eat rice. That is due in bird nest contain high protein, when the body is weak, unable to absorb all of this protein should lead to bloating, indigestion so. According to the medical literature, the elderly, the sick person should eat only small amounts of bird nest with approximately 3g / 1 feedings, use 2-3 / 1 week. Healthy people can eat 5 grams / 1 feedings, use 2-3 / 1 week.

2. Eat Bird Nest any time of the day are also good: This is a mistake that many people anymore or suffer from eating bird nest . Eating the wrong time causes the body can not absorb the best Bird Nest. Although this does not negatively affect health, but select the time of day appropriate to eat bird nest are also factors affecting the absorption of bird nest. Eating bird nest fed immediately after the new finish is not good for. The body can absorb the best of bird nest in the morning and evening before bedtime. In the morning, in the belly they’re almost empty, you eat a bowl of soup or tea Salanganes’Nest will help your body absorb all the nutrients and help you have a productive day.

For the evening, it’s time the body easily absorb nutrients from bird nest because this is the time the body a little break, not the stomach to work hard at all because bird nest contain easy to absorb nutrients .

3. Can be used in all cases. Some people believe that a good bird nest so the patient can be used for all cases. However, those who are sick: flu, fever, headache, abdominal pain caused by cold, indigestion, cough and phlegm thinning, skin inflammation, jaundice hepatitis, acute bronchitis, tract infections urinary …, generally acute infections with fever, body thin but functional operation of the television is too weak to absorb the food (or pharmaceuticals) there are too many nutrients, much protein (herbal tonic called pollination damage) should not eat bird’s nests. If you eat a bird nest in this case it is very likely make the illness worse. For these cases it is best to consult and implement diet as directed by your doctor.

4. Distilling nest as long as possible. In fact, not so. Bird nest rather than wine or sauce you …… as long as delicious brewed. When cooking bird nest, you should only cook for 25-30 minutes to eat (before cooking bird nest soaked in water 30 minutes), when this, oat fiber just soft, chewy, crunchy crispness still soft shot shot delicious. If cooked for too long, would like hell out oats all, even when the temperature is too high can make swift lose some nutrients. Therefore, just enough fire to cook oats are the best way to retain nutrients and effort, effortless, as well as consuming frit right?

5. Pregnant women eat bird nest since the first months of pregnancy. This is a very important issue because it had noted a direct impact on the development process early immaturity of the fetus. Some information said that eating bird nest since the first month of pregnancy good for mom bird nest can help strengthen the resistance of the tiring day morning sickness. However, doctors advise that, depending on its condition that weak using suitable nest, usually after the first 3 months of pregnancy should eatbird nest new replenishes. Ideally, before use should consult your obstetrician care where you are.

Above are some of the myths of people when using bird nest. Hopefully this article provides you with useful information to help eatbird nest properly absorb nutrients in the best nest.

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